Personal Growth - Memory Boost
This audio hypnotherapy program was designed to help with issues as they relate to boosting your memory.

Very few of us these days have ever been giving lessons on how to think and organize our thoughts. Past education included critical thinking and logic. but not today.
This audio programs teaches you through hypnosis to organize your thoughts in a way that can allow faster recall and more efficient thinking.

Imagine if you could organize your thoughts like a bookshelf. If that bookshelf is sorted in the proper way, it's vastly easier to grab the book you're looking for instead of trying to find a specific book that's been stored in any order or any way it will fit.

The audio in our programs have been specifically mixed for use of headphones. Each program takes your full concentration and should not be listened to while you are driving or operating any heavy machinery. Some programs require may recommend you take notes or even close your eyes (don’t worry, we won’t ask you to do both at the same time.)

Recommended listening: 1X Daily for 30 days.

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