Frequently Asked Questions
1) How Does Hypnosis Work?:
Well for a more detailed explanation you can click here. 
Basically, your subconscious mind holds all the behavior patterns in your subconscious mind.
Both good and bad...
We use hypnosis your bypass your conscious mind, strengthen your good behavior patterns associated with making positive decisions and weaken the negative behavior patterns that have been holding you back. 
2) Can I Get Stuck In Hypnosis?:
No. You slide into a hypnotic state several times during the day and right before you go to sleep. 
Hypnosis is a completely natural state of mind.
It's the same state of mind you're in when you get absorbed into a movie, a good story, talking on the phone and reading a book (etc.).
3) Am I Surrendering Control of My Mind?:
You cannot be hypnotized to do anything you wouldn't normally do in your conscious state. 
The rules that govern your life are held in your subconscious mind.
If, under hypnosis you are asked to do something that goes against those rules, you essentially wake up.
If you've ever been to a hypnosis show in Las Vegas, you'll see this phenomena.
The hypnotist may suggest the volunteers do something like dance to song in a very flamboyant fashion. 
If some of the volunteers are very uncomfortable dancing in front of people, they will snap out of hypnosis and wake up.
4) What are the benefits of hypnosis?
a) Accelerated learning
b) More efficient sleep (1 hour in hypnosis = to 7 hours natural rest)
c) More efficient behavioral therapy changes.
d) Improved Memory
4) What About Shipping & Returns?
a) With downloads shipping is free.
b) Any downloadable products do not qualify for returns.
c) Shipped products have a 21 day money back guarantee minus shipping. 
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